World Cup 2019: England break multiple records against Afghanistan

World Cup 2019: England break multiple records against Afghanistan

World Cup 2019
World Cup 2019

Manchester The match played in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 between England cricket team and Afghanistan cricket teams have been recorded in the pages of history.

The match played at Old Trafford in Manchester has created several new records and broken records. The biggest record was made by England captain Eoin Morgan who made the most sixes (17) in an innings during the match. In addition, he also added the fourth fastest century of Cricket World Cup history.

Let’s take a look at interesting records made in the ENG vs AFG match.

# England captain Ian Morgan made the fastest fourth century of ICC Cricket World Cup history.

Eoin Morgan completed his century in only 57 balls. He hit just 148 runs in 71 balls. In his innings, he scored only four runs in the game but blew the record 17 sixes.

# Eoin Morgan became the highest six batsmen in one innings in ODIs. Morgan made record 17 coins during this match.

# Before the Eoin Morgan, this record was jointly recorded by West Indian explosive batsman Chris Gayle, Rohit Sharma of India and Rohit Sharma of South Africa and AB De Villiers of South Africa. All three have killed 16-16 sixes during a match.

# Eoin Morgan has set a new record for most sixes against any bowler in any one-day match. In this match, Morgan scored seven sixes on the balls of Afghani spinner Rashid Khan. Before Morgan, this record was the name of Herschelle Gibbs of South Africa, he had hit six sixes in a match against Ben Bunge.

# England cricket team corrected their own record of hitting the highest number of sixes in a one-day match. In the match against Afghanistan, the English team scored a total of 25 sixes. Earlier, in the one-match match, the highest score of 24 sixes is also the name of England. The English team had beaten 24 sixes in a match against the West Indies in 2019 alone.

# Afghanistan spinner Rashid Khan has played 11 matches in this match In ODIs, it is the record of most sixes in any match against any bowler.

#Rashid Khan has become the most beaten spinner of any one-day match. In this match, Rashid scored a total of 110 runs.

# Rashid Khan’s name has been recorded in the ODI One Day cricket’s third-worst spell. Mash Lewis scored more runs than Rashid (113 runs, against South Africa, 2006) and Wahaz Riaz (110 runs against England, 2016) had looted.

# Rashid Khan has become the most screwball bowler in Cricket World Cup history. Before Rashid Khan, this record was recorded in the name of Martin of New Zealand. Martin had plundered 105 in the match against New Zealand in the 1983 World Cup 2019.

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