Rohit Sharma Controversial Decision: India vs West Indies World Cup 2019

Rohit Sharma Controversial Decision in World Cup 2019

Rohit Sharma’s wicket in controversy, third umpire’s class on social media

Manchester In the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, a bad umpiring specimen has also been found, which is causing much controversy. Surprisingly, this sample of bad umpiring in the World Cup has not been shown by the umpires but by the Third umpire and its victim is Rohit Sharma of opener Team India. Despite all the modern amenities, it is really a surprise to question the decision of the Third umpire.

Why the controversy over Rohit Sharma’s wicket?

rohit sharma out

Indeed, Rohit Sharma’s wicket in the match against India and West Indies got entangled in controversy. Earlier, winning the toss, the Indian team’s innings started by Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul. Rohit Sharma, who started off early in the day, was beaten on the last ball of the sixth over. The West Indies players strongly appealed, the ground umpire refused. After that, the West Indies took a review and the third umpire gave Rohit Sharma (18) out, while in Replay it was clear that the ball had passed away from the pad and the bat simultaneously. The Ultra Edge was showing that at that time the ball collided with the pad and the bat. The decision given in such a situation is in favor of the batsman, but the umpire gave out Rohit Sharma.

Anger against the decision of the umpire on social media

After being given out incorrectly to Rohit Sharma, the fence of the fans is being seen on social media. Cricket fans are also questioning the DRS. Not only cricket fan but also on the decision of the third umpire, there has been outrage in many former cricketers too. Obviously, in such a big tournament if the umpires will have wrong decisions even after the modern facilities, then the question will stand.

Former Indian cricketer Akash Chopra tweeted about Rohit Sharma’s wicket, “Was there enough conclusions with the third umpire to give Rohit Sharma out. I do not think they were completely convinced. The umpire on the field had not given a knockout, so it should have been considered as a soft signal.

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