India vs Sri Lanka World Cup 2019 Match Update

India vs Sri Lanka World Cup 2019 Match Update

India is the first place in the table with 15 points and Australia in second place with 14 points

In the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, the Indian cricket team will play its last match of the group stage at the Headingley ground from the Sri Lankan cricket team on Saturday, while in the World Cup This is the last match of Sri Lanka. He has already been out of the race for the last 4. Because of this, it is not a very important match in terms of results. One reason for this is that India has reached the semi-finals and Sri Lanka have already been eliminated before the final-4 race. The importance of this match is so much that if India wins this match, then he will enter the semifinals with confidence. Apart from this, the possibility of going to the first place of Team India will also be maintained. However, for this, Team India will have to keep an eye on another match between Australia and South Africa on Saturday. If South Africa is successful in defeating Australia, India can be in the first place. India is the first place in the table with 15 points and Australia in second place with 14 points.

India vs Sri Lanka World Cup 2019

Sri Lanka has nothing to lose

There is nothing left to lose to the Sri Lankan team. So, he would like to win the last match and end the World Cup with respect. He has stunned a team like England in the World Cup. Since he has nothing to lose, so he will fight against India with full potential to save credibility. Talking about the entire tournament, Sri Lankan players have seen a lack of consistency. Some players have done well in different matches, but the entire team could not play as a unit. This is the brunt of her suffering in the tournament. In batting, the captain-oriented Karunaratne has done well in every match, then the name of the skilled Pereira also has some good innings. There was no one else except Lasith Malinga in the bowling.

India has become a middleman for a permanent problem

From India’s point of view, Rohit Sharma is in a formidable form. He has so far scored four centuries in this World Cup. Apart from them, KL Rahul and Virat Kohli have also performed brilliantly but the middle order of India is now becoming a permanent problem. Young Rishabh Pant has definitely made little assurance after joining the team but none of the middle-order batsmen including Mahendra Singh Dhoni has impressed. Talking about the Indian bowling, the last two matches have not seen the edge in it, which was seen in the opening matches.

India can give some players comfort

It is possible that India will give rest to the match to save the players from playing in their form. All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja can get a chance. Apart from this, Team India can give Mayank Agarwal with the team on Wednesday only to solve the problem of the middle order.

India heavily on data in Sri Lanka

Talking of over-the-counter ODIs, India’s position looks great on Sri Lanka. There have been a total of 143 encounters between them. Of these, India has won 78 matches, while Sri Lanka has won 53 matches. If there is a match between the two, 11 matches are there.
If you peep into the World Cup history, then there is a slight tilt towards Sri Lanka. A total of eight matches have been played between them so far. Of these, India has won three, while Sri Lanka has won four matches. There is no result of a match.

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