India vs Australia 1st Test Highlights: Ind vs Aus 2018

India vs Australia 1st Test Highlights: India’s historic win, Adelaide Test won by 31 runs

India vs Australia 1st Test Day 5

India won by 31 runs. Chasing the target of 323, the Australians were all out on 291 runs in the second innings. This is the first time that Team India has won the first Test of any Test series in Australia. Ashwin got Josh Hazlewood out and gave India this historic victory.

10: 57 AM – Cheteshwar Pujara was adjudged Man of the Match in the first innings of 123 in the first innings and 71 runs in the second innings Pujara played.

10: 40 AM – India defeated Australia by 31 runs, R Ashwin took the last wicket, Josh Hazlewood scored 13 runs and took the catch to KL Rahul. India achieved a 1-0 lead in the series.

9: 55 AM- India got 9th wicket. Jaspreet Bumrah has done to Pat Cummins. With a historic win, Team India is only one wicket away. Cummins scored 28 runs and Australia got 259 runs in hand.

9:30 am- Shami sent Stark back to Pavilion Stark out caught by Pant at 28 runs India need 2 wickets to win …

8: 37 AM- Australia’s 200 runs are available on the crease, Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins.

Australia lost 7 wickets

8:15 pm – a 7th successive success of India after lunch break immediately Jaspreet Bumrah got the captain Tim Paine out. The pen put 41 runs and caught Rishabh Pant. Mitchell Starc, who came in with the help of Pat Cummins, was shocked at Australia’s 187 runs.

7:30 am- Lunch break on the last day of the match, Australia score 186/6, captain Tim Penn 40 and Pat Cummins 5 runs at the crease.

6: 40 AM – Bumrah gave India the sixth success, set a Marsh’s wicket, and gave India relief Australia at the back foot.

6: 07 AM- Shaun Marsh is trying to handle Australia’s innings from one end. He has completed his half-century with a four-wicket haul on Shami’s ball.

6: 00 AM- After 64 overs, Australia has scored 140 runs on the loss of 5 wickets. Marsh is steadily moving towards a half-century. He has scored 43 runs in this innings so far, while Pan, on the other hand, is supporting him, who is now playing at 7 runs.

5: 47 AM- The change in Indian bowling will now be replaced by Ishwar Sharma. On the fourth day of the match, Shami removed two important wickets for India.

5: 29 AM – Fifth success of Indian win, Ishant Sharma sent pavilion to the head

5: 16 AM – Great performance of Indian bowlers. In the four overs that have been done so far, Australian batsmen have added only 5 runs.

5: 05 AM – On the fifth day of the first day, Ashwin made Marsh to the first over of the day. Australia’s batsmen are playing the game. Next over Ishant Sharma will do it.

India vs Australia 1st Test Day 4: Australia lost four wickets on 104 runs

The fourth day’s game is over and Australia have lost four wickets for 104 runs. India need six wickets for the fifth day, while Australia will have to score 219 runs. R Ashwin and Mohammad Shami have taken two wickets each. Shane Marsh and Travis Hayd have a partnership of 20 runs. Marsh made 31 and head 11 runs to return to Nottingham.

India VS Australia 1st Test Day 4: India set Australia 323 runs target

The fourth day’s game continues and the Indian team is currently in a strong position. T-break, Australia made 28 runs on the wicket for one wicket. Earlier, India had scored 260 runs for five wickets. Nathan Lion’s excellent bowling after lunch breaks The rest of India’s five wickets fell under 47 runs. Ajinkya Rahane was dismissed by 70 runs. In addition, Cheteshwar Pujara played 71 runs. Australia got the target of 323 runs.

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01:03 PM: The fourth day of the first match of the four-match series between India and Australia has ended. Australia made 104 for four in 49 overs in the second innings. Shaun Marsh (31) and Travis Hayd (11) are on the crease at the crease. India will have to bat out Australia’s six batsmen for a historic win and Australia need 219 runs to win.

12:20 pm: Fourth setback to Australia, Peter Haddock, who scored 14 runs from Mohammed Shami, was caught by Cheteshwar Pujara. Australia lost this wicket 84 runs. Travis Head arrived to accompany Shaun Marsh

11:20 AM: R Ashwin catches Usman Khawaja to Rohit Sharma Third blow to Australia by 60 runs Peter Handscomb has come along with Shaun Marsh.

10:50 AM: Usman Khawaja has come to the crease with Shaun Marsh. India is currently in a strong position.

10:48 AM: Second success to India. Opener Marcus Harris scored 26 runs and was caught by Mohammad Shami for Rishabh Pant. Australia’s second blow to 44 runs

10:30 AM: After the T-break, the start of the game, Australia win 295 runs and India need 9 wickets.

T-break on the fourth day

10:10 AM: Just before T-break, Arnie Finch caught by R Ashwin in the first ball of the day stopped the ball to Rishabh Pant and the first blow to Australia was 28 runs. Marcus Harris returned home after scoring 14 runs.

9:17 AM: Australian innings start, Aaron Finch and Marcus Harris on the crease. On the second ball of the innings Aaron Finch got the liver, the umpire gave LBW out Ishant Sharma’s ball came out, and Finch’s hair-left in the review.

9:05 AM: The last wicket of the Indian team dropped. Ishant Sharma became the victim of Mitchell Starc without opening an account. Indian all-rounder got out on 307 runs In this way Australia got the target of 323 runs to win.

8:54 AM: Mohammed Shami returned without opening an account without pavilion. Shami opened the account without taking a catch from Marlon Harris on the ball of Nathan Lyon.

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8:50 AM: India felt a big setback. Ajinkya Rahane scored 70 runs off Mitchell Starc for Nathan Lyon at the crease.

8:47 AM: India took the seventh blow, Ashwin 5 runs and out Ashwin’s wicket also went to Nathan Lion’s account. Marcus Harris caught his catch

08:22 AM – Nathan Lyon gave India the sixth shock, Rishabh Pant, 28 runs from 16 balls and Aaron Finch caught the ball. The shock of India’s chances of 286 runs

08:10 AM – After the lunch break, the game started after Rishabh Pant, after a lunch break, Nathan Lyon’s 18th over bowled in the over.

India vs Australia 1st test: Lunch Break

07:35 AM – The fourth day’s play was stopped for lunch breaks. By the lunch, India has taken 275 lead. Pujara’s important wicket also lost

07:15 AM – India’s fifth blow, Rohit Sharma’s wicket in Lion’s case, Lion has taken three wickets so far in this innings.

06:58 AM – Big blow to India, Lion showed Pujara to 71 runs.

06:30 AM – Ball changed but nothing new to Australia On the other hand, Rahane also returned to a rhythm. He scored his fourth consecutive fours in an innings on Stark’s ball. Here Rahane has introduced a classic straight drive.

06:10 AM – Rahane and Pujara partnership completed 50 runs At the same time, India’s lead on Australia increased.

06:00 AM – India scored 200 runs in the second innings with the help of a four from Rahane’s bat.

05:40 AM – Change in bowling, trying to break the partnership, the Australian team has now given a command to Pat Kamins. In today’s day, both Indian batsmen have added together 26 runs.

05:24 AM – With the start of the fourth day’s play, Pujara completed his half-century, the situation in the match in India is going strong.

05:05 AM – Stark scored the first over, Rahane failed to make a single run. Indian batsmen are not seen taking any risk.

05:00 AM – Chess game starts on the fourth day, Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane on the crease. The first ball of today will be to Stark Rahane.

IND VS AUS 1st Test Day 3: Australia’s score 235

The first match of the series is being played on the Adelaide Ground. Today is the third day of the Test match and India will soon have to return the pavilion to the whole team. But due to the rain, the match will start late. However, now the rain has stopped and the ground staff is preparing the ground for the game. It is also being speculated that after this, the rain in the whole day’s game will not be difficult and the weather will be clean.

In this match, India won the toss and chose the first bat and scored 250 runs in the first innings. In response, Australia scored 191 for seven wickets in 88 overs until the end of the second day’s play. Travis Head 61 and Mitchell Starc were on 8 runs in the crease. Kangaroos have completed 200 runs on the start of today’s game. After this Bumrah showed Stark the pavilion path. After which once again the game has to stop due to rain.

India-Australia live updates below

7:43 Am-Trevis Heid is batting well with Nathan Lyon. Both of them scored 12 runs in 20 balls, making Australia’s score almost close to India.

7:30 am- After the rain started the game again, Bumrah completed his opener with two dot balls. Ishant Sharma has taken charge from the other side.

6:40 am- The rain started again, after the third day’s game started late, it had to stop again.

6:34 Am-Bumrah was successful in breaking the pair. The way of the pavilion shown to Stark

6:15 am- The third day’s game is about to crack. Ishant Sharma will do the first over of the day and Mitchell Starc and Travis Heid will take charge from Australia.

5:55 Am- A formal announcement has been made that if the rain is not there now, the match for the third day of the match will start at 6:15 am according to Indian time and 8:15 am has been kept for lunch.

5:45 am- With the closure of the rain, the sun is also blooming. The ground staff has reached the ground and preparing the ground for the game. Players are also warming up on the field.

IND VS AUS 1st Test Day 2

12:18 AM: Australia suffered the seventh setback as Pat Cummins. Jaspreet Bumrah was bowled by Cummins LBW. Cummins out by making 10 runs in 47 balls. Mitchell Starck has now come to the crease with Head.

11:53 AM: Aussie batsman Travis Hed introduced the feathers Australia’s score 169/6

11:13 AM: the Sixth blow to Australia, Ishant Sharma’s catch by captain Tim Paine took five runs and caught Rishabh Pant in front of the wicket. Australia lost to 127 runs in these wickets. Pat Cummins, who came along with Travis Head.

10:48 AM: Captain Tim Pen has come along with Travis Head on the crease.

10:47 AM: Handscomb out after taking Jasprit Bumrah’s 34 runs off shortly after tea. The fifth blow to Australia in 120 runs This is Bumrah’s first wicket in the match.

IND VS AUS 1st Test Day 3 Tea

10:35 AM: T-break finish, start the second day’s game. The Indian bowlers will be looking at breaking the pair of Handscomb and Head.

10:05 AM: The second day’s T-break, Australia score 117/4, Handscomb 33 and Travis Hayd 17 runs in the crease at the crease

09:40 AM: Australia completed 100 runs in the first innings. In the 47.1 overs, Travis Head completed the 100 runs of Australia.

09:15 AM: Indian spinner R Ashwin gave Australia the fourth blow. Usman Khawaja scored 28 runs off 125 balls. Australia lost four wickets for 87 runs

08:15 AM: After the second day’s lunch break, India got success, Ashwin made it to Shaun Marsh, out of Australia’s score of 60/3, Marsh scored two runs.

07:38 AM: Lunch break for the second day, Australia’s score of 57/2, Shaun Marsh and Usman Khawaja scored 21 runs at the crease.

07:10 AM: Spinner R Ashwin has sent a big wicket to Marcus Harris back to the pavilion. They scored 26 runs.

06:40 AM: After Australia’s first wicket collapses, the pair of Khawaja and Harris have solidified on the crease. Both are batting very carefully.

05:45 AM: Australia’s innings has started. Aaron Finch and Marcus Harris have come to the crease. Finch bowled Ishant Sharma on the third ball. Finch could not even open the account.

05:35 AM: Mohammad Shami hit wicketkeeper Tim Paine on the first ball of the second day. Josh Hazlewood’s ball was a bouncer, on which Shami wanted to put the shot on the leg side. India’s innings was reduced to 250 runs in 88 overs.

05:31 AM: The second day’s game has started. Mohammed Shami and Jaspreet Bumrah have come to the crease.

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