How can Pakistan qualify for the Cricket World Cup 2019 semi-final

World Cup 2019: Semi-Final qualification scenario for Pakistan

Only a miracle can reach Pakistan, in the semi-final, the toss will be lost only

To make Pakistan a place in the semi-finals of the World Cup, Bangladesh has to beat by at least 316 runs.

The dream of going to the semi-final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is a big blow to the Pakistani team’s expectations. Indeed, on Wednesday, England defeated New Zealand by 119 runs to secure their place in the semi-finals. With this, three teams have been fixed for the semi-finals. Now New Zealand’s claim for the fourth team is the strongest one. Pakistan has largely been out of the World Cup. Just one miracle can now reach him in the final.

pakistan world cup 2019 semi final

Pakistan has to do something impossible

Indeed, on 5th July i.e. on Friday, Pakistan is from Bangladesh, where it has to win in any situation, but it must be kept in mind that Bangladesh will be defeated by a huge margin. The fourth team for the semi-finals will now be fixed on the basis of net runts. Let us tell you that in the match played at the Lord’s ground, Pakistan will have to take a decision to bat first and win Bangladesh by at least 316 runs, which seems impossible. Chance seems to be even more so that Bangladesh can not overturn Pakistan by reversing itself.

India will face England or New Zealand in the semi-final

As an example, try to understand that now only miracles can make Pakistan reach the semifinals. First of all, the Pakistan team will have to win the toss against Bangladesh. After this, before deciding to bat, at least 400 runs will be scored and in reply, Bangladesh will have to allocate to 84 runs. New Zealand’s Netrnrrrite 0.175 after losing to England. Netrarate of Pakistan is currently -0.792. That is, there is a big difference between the two teams. If Pakistan has to overcome this gap and move up to New Zealand, then they have to win at least 316 runs in their last match, then they can leave New Zealand in the net runner.

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