England vs New Zealand Match Update, World Cup 2019 Points Table

England vs New Zealand Match

World Cup 2019 Points Table

At this point, England is sitting on the 4th spot with 10 points, New Zealand is sitting on the 3rd spot with 11 points, Pakistan is sitting on the 5th spot with 9 points. If England wins this final league match then its position in the semi-finals will be confirmed.

The 41st World Cup 2019 match will be played between host England and New Zealand. The chances of rain in the match, being played on Chester Lee Street’s Riverside Cricket Ground, are unmatched. The weather in Chester Lee Street will be clean and there is a possibility of a high scoring match. In the match played between the West Indies and Sri Lanka on this ground, 653 runs were scored in 100 overs. In such a situation, there may also be rain in the match. When New Zealand encounters England, the fate of these two teams will be on the claim but the decision of Pakistan’s future will also be decided by this match.

England vs New Zealand, Pakistan Chances to reach Semi Final

At this point, there are 11 New Zealanders, 10 England and 9 points from Pakistan. Everyone has one match left. If England wins this final league match then its position in the semi-finals will be confirmed. If the England team lose the match and if Pakistan’s team defeats Bangladesh, then Pakistan’s team will reach the semi-finals. On the other hand, if the New Zealand team loses this match to England’s hands, then Pakistan will have to do better with the big margin of net run rats in New Zealand.

The England team was considered to be a favorite in this World Cup but after losing to Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia, they lagged in this race. If England loses the match today and England goes out of the World Cup then this would be a big setback for them. This time England have a great chance to win the World Cup. The last two World Cup hosts have won, so far England is considered to be a neighborhood turn. New Zealand has been the runner-up for the last time. New Zealand has done the best in this tournament so far, in which they would like to go ahead in the tournament while continuing this show.

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