Abdul Razzaq Reveals his many extramarital affairs

Pakistani all-rounder Abdul Razzaq revealed after marriage 5-6 Affairs

Former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq is having trolls on social media. Actually, the reason for their troll is a sensational disclosure made by them. During a TV show, Abdul Razzaq has disclosed that he has had illegitimate relations with 5-6 women after marriage. After this disclosure, he is being trolled on social media.

Abdul Razzaq Reveals his many extramarital affairs

One affair lasted for one and a half years

39-year-old Abdul Razzaq, who is in a Pakistani TV show, has said that after marriage, he has 5-6 extramarital affair. Razzaq acknowledged that one of his affair went on for nearly one and a half years. Let us tell you that Abdul Razzaq is still married and his wife is Ayesha. Not only that, they have two children.

Abdul Razzaq’s affair with Tamanna Bhatia

Razzaq has snatched him by revealing such a big on-camera. During the World Cup, Abdul Razzaq also spoke about training of Team India’s all-rounder Hardik Pandya. Tell you that Abdul Razzaq’s name was also associated with Bollywood actress Tamanna Bhatia at one time. Razzaq was married at that time and both of them were seen in a jewelry shop. One photo of both of them was viral, for which the reports of these two were very strong.

Let us know that Abdul Razzaq is one of Pakistan’s finest all-rounders. He played cricket for 18 years for his country. During this time he has played 46 Test matches, 265 ODIs, and 32 T20 matches.

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