Abdul Razzaq offers to make Hardik Pandya world’s No 1 all-rounder

Abdul Razzaq offers to Hardik Pandya

Former Pakistan player Abdul Razzaq said Hardik Pandya had given coaching while counting the deficiencies in batting

After India’s 125-run win over West Indies, former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq has questioned the batting technique of Hardik Pandya. Abdul Razzaq further said that I can make Hardik the world’s best allrounder.

Hardik’s body balance is not correct

Abdul Razzaq Hardik Pandya

All-rounder, who won many matches from Pakistan with his aggressive batting, wrote on the tweet that during the match of the India-West Indies, I looked close to the hard-hitting Pandya batting. I think that when he hits the ball, his body balance is not well. Explaining one of the shortcomings in the batting of Hardik, Razzaq said that Hardik’s footwork was poor. Also, the reason for the bad footwork being dismissed is also the big reason.

If BCCI asks, I would like to coaching

The real reason for counting the shortcomings of Team India’s smuggler’s technique is now revealed in his talks. Abdul Razzaq, one of the world’s top all-rounders, said further that he could make one of the best all-rounders of world cricket by coaching Hardik at some place like a UAE. He further said that if the Board of Control for Cricket in India asks me to give coaching to Hardik, then I am ready to make him a good all-rounder.

Hardik, who played an aggressive inning of 46 against the West Indies, is due to say that due to lack of batting, Razzak is the coach to become a coach. In that case, he is removing the drawbacks of the technique and footwork of this young Indian batsman.

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